About Dr. Bradley Vince

Bradley D. Vince, D.O. is CEO and Medical Director of Vince & Associates Clinical Research (VACR) in Overland Park, Kansas.

In 2001, Dr. Vince founded VACR and since then has led the facility to become a leading independent provider of clinical trials services to the global pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Vince, himself, has participated in over 425 clinical trials, from First-in-Human to Proof of Concept studies. The VACR campus in Overland Park, Kansas is comprised of four facilities: a Clinical Pharmacology Unit, a Phase I Specialty Research Center, a Sleep Research Center, and our headquarters.

Dr. Vince has personally assembled an experienced team that focuses on providing quality research data and exceptional customer service while maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards. For over 13 years, Dr. Vince has been working at VACR with a staff of talented professionals and physicians – including Dr. Debra Kelsh, Dr. Steven Hull, and Dr. Martin KanKam, Dr. Melodie Armstrong. Dr. Vince and his team are well known for their recruitment and retention of research volunteers in clinical trials including disease state populations as well as healthy normal volunteers.

Notable Works and Presentations:

“FDA Expectations for Investigator: Are You FDA Compliant?” Annual Association of Clinical Research
Professionals Conference. Seattle, WA. 1 May 2011. Lecture.

“Physician Perspective on the Recruitment and Medical Management Aspects of Proof of Concept Studies.” Healthcare Business Institute Proof of Concept Conference. Philadelphia, PA. 26 Sept. 2010. Lecture.

“Recruiting Strategies and Medical Oversight of Special Population Volunteers in Early Stage Trial.” Exploratory Development World Americas Congress. Boston, MA. 20 Oct. 2009. Lecture.